Break dancing for kids

We have started having break dancing classes for kids on Fridays. The class begins at 5 pm and goes for an hour. Details will be posted soon.

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Open Monday February 16th 2015

We will be having the normal schedule tomorrow. We are also currently having construction done but classes are on normal schedule every day.We will be having a join while construction goes on sale in the next couple of days.

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Kickboxing and beginner classes

We are adding kickboxing classes, taught by Gary Chin(Instructor info forthcoming), and a beginner class starting in October. The kickboxing class will be Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM and lasts an hour. No experience needed, we are able to teach all levels. We will have gloves available, just bring a tshirt and shorts to work out in, and the first class is free. The beginner class will be a great way for new people to get an understanding of what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is and how it can be life saving and fun at the same time. We will have loaner gi’s(uniforms) available for first timers. This will also be a great way for experienced practitioners to revisit and review fundamental techniques that will allow them to play a more advanced and modern Jiu Jitsu game with confidence. The class will be Monday and Wednesday starting at 6 PM and lasts an hour. More dates will be added to both classes as the class grows and demand increases. Call 510-686-0116 if you have any further questions.

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Update on our new location at 2575 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland CA 94602

SCHEDULE CHANGE: Starting Monday,September 1st, we will be pushing both kid’s and adult class times back. In the coming weeks we will be adding a beginner class three days a week in the evening, and a kickboxing class two days a week. Starting on Monday, Sept. 15th we will be adding an open mat to the morning schedule and move the morning class to Tuesday mornings. More news will follow in the coming weeks.

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current situation at the academy

Due to a fire last night (Monday April 14th) the academy is closed for today and tomorrow while we clean. We will be reopened on Thursday(April 17th) for both kids classes and the open mat at 630. I will be there for all the kids classes to answer any questions from the parents and i will also be there to spar during the open mat. When we open on Thursday, we will be temporarily housed two doors down from the current location. The address of the building is 645 e 14th St. San Leandro CA 94577.

While the damage is being fixed and the academy is cleaned up we will have normal class schedules at the new location. It would be great if we could not only turn out on Thursday to open the new location with a great open mat but build off of that and stack the classes. Thursday the 17th there will not be a drop in fee for anyone from another academy, so tell a friend and bring another one.

Check either here or the website for more info.

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sunday, january 26th, 2014

i have been behind in updating the website and we have added a few things since last update. we now have two new instructors and two new classes on the schedule. the first is that saturdays is now sambo saturday taught by matthew galindo. it will be taught with and without the jacket, so bring a gi jacket with your rash guard and board shorts if you want. the second class that has been added is a no gi class on tuesday night, it’s all levels, and is during the normal class time. the other new instructor is aaron lones, a brown belt under marco nascimento, and he will be teaching on wednesday nights for the near future. i will be updating the bio page soon to include these guys to the roster.

i will try to update and post on the website more often and have a couple of exciting things in the works. just a quick reminder that the first class is always free, whether you want to try us out in hopes of finding a great place to train, or if you just want to spar somewhere new and work with a different instructor for a class. the drop in fee is 10$ and there is no pressure to sign up. we also do an open mat on sundays that have people from different academies show up for and is a great way to get some sparring time with people from other academies without the pressure to win and the stress of the tournament environment.

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SCHEDULE CHANGE: Starting Monday, August 12th we will be reverting to our old evening schedule. The evening classes will be combined into one class from now on. The start time will be 6:30 PM and it will be a two hour class. The class will be all levels and will be good for both beginners and advanced students.

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monday feb 18th

just a quick note to let everyone know that we are open for the normal monday schedule even though it is a holiday.

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NEW Schedule/NEW Classes

i have just posted the new schedule that will go into effect monday afternoon. unfortunately due to schedule conflicts, tomorrow morning(the 1st), monday morning(the 4th), and friday morning(the 8th) there will be no classes. everything on the schedule will go as planned and we will return to the full schedule as of saturday the 9th of february. i look forward to seeing everyone for the new beginner classes, and want to remind you that these would be great to bring your friends who have always wanted to try brazilian jiu jitsu.

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Wrestling clinic 01-19-13 11 am

Machine works Jiu Jitsu and Ed Solis bring you a wrestling clinic. Ed Solis is the head grappling instructor at Gilroy BJJ. He has
30 years experience in competing and coaching wrestling. His credentials include:
JC All American
BJJ Purple Belt
6X IBJJF World Champion (Gi and No-Gi)
2X American Nationals Champion
2X US Open Champion

Ed will be covering techniques for both Gi and No Gi, so bring both. The price tag is 25 for non-students of Machine Works and 10 for Machine Works students. All proceeds will be donated to

facebook invite at:

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