Location is locked in and now the opening date looms

we got the space locked in (the location page was put up so everyone can see where we will be located once we open up) and now begins the hard work to ready it for classes. there’s a lot to do and the goal is to do it all in the shortest amount of time possible. we have 1050 feet of mats waiting to be sparred on. there are lockers to put in, an airdyne to buy, and lot’s a of little fun details to take care. the first goal is to get the mat room up and running. so i can have guys over to check out the space and spar while we ready the rest of the facility. don’t forget to join the mailing list for our newsletters, they will have deals and little bonus things we won’t be talking about anywhere else on the site. more later, i’m off to teach the beginner class and advanced class at gracie humaita in oakland.

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